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Internationally born, locally grown DJ Duo RIOT has captured the dance music scene with their melodies and daring baselines. Tom Davidson and Daniel Magid have done something most electronic acts aspire to, 'Wake Up' A collaboration with Kayzotops the list of accomplishments at over 25,000,000 streams on Spotify and over 45 million streams across all platforms. The creative powerhouse has also collaborated with Slander and Dirtyphonics, 2020 is set for major disruption with several platinum award winning artist collaborations afoot. But that isn't enough for RIOT, they have racked up remixes for the elite of bass music including the likes of Infected Mushroom, Vini Vici, Pegboard Nerds and more. Their remix prowess brought them to music royaltyin their iteration of Knife Party & Tom Morello's "Battle Sirens". Their latest album / project 'Dogma Resistance' showed off the up-roaring duo's versatility and creative mastery. A multimedia extravaganza the Album was accompanied with a fully fledged out Comic Book and Motion Graphic Novel that sold out within minutes and is scheduled to make an appearance in the iconic Heavy Metal Magazine in the fall of 2020. This comes on the heels of their #1 selling song on Beatsaber, one of the top VR games in themarket; truly showing their vision beyond the music. All of this is crowned by the fathers of dubstep, Skrillex & Knife Party, commending the care and proficiency of the duo's sound design. Having released on Dim Mak, Insomniac Records and as the top streaming artist Monstercat has to offer, Riot looks to move the culture being a centerpiece for disruption and change while being the voice of the people. Find Riot in your city this year. Be heard. Be proud. Be rebellious. Join The Mob and let's start a RIOTtogether.