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Introduction:From their very first drumbeat,throughto the release of '[Forward Ever Backward Never]' -their'20 Years'commemoratinglongplayer,Cosmic Gate's Nic Chagall and Bossihaveproved to be a matchlessmusical union. Achanceencounterin aCologne recording studio two decades agoset themon thecourseto becomingGermany's most enduringly successfulelectronic musicduo.Their original productions have takenthem to thehighestreaches of streaminglistsand download charts, whilsttheir remixography eclecticallyincludeseveryone from revered Hollywood composerslikeJames Horner(Avatar/Titanic) to in-scene demigodslike Armin van Buurenand Tiësto.Nic & Bossi's behind-decks-brotherhoodhastriggeredcritical massin a nowuncountable number of countries.They've dominatedelectronic musiccapitalsandspun at the veritableA-through-Zofmajor festivals. In the process they'vepicked upa Grammy nomination(in 2019's Best Remix category), becomethe highest climberon DJ Mag's Top 100 chartand racked up numerous other awards & nominationsalong the way. Driven by their critically applaudedalbums, Spotify-bustingsingles like 'am2pm', 'Fall Into You'and 'Falling Back' (each with 5million streams to their name)and scene-defining classicslike'Be Your Sound','Fire Wire' and'Exploration of Space'(10million Spotify streams),their staron dancemusic's walkof fame has long since been laid. As DJs, kinetically bouncing off the othersenergy, week in, week out, Cosmic Gate continueto pushfloorsto supernova. In North America they've smashed the biggest festivals like EDC, Ultra, Electric Zoo, IleSoniq, Spring Awakening, Paradiso, Global Dance, Veld,Dreamstateand more.Road-blockingclubs and events likeSpace (both Miami &New York),GovernorsIslandNY, LA's Palladium and the Great Hall atBrooklyn's Avant Gardnerhas becometheir SOP.Floors have felt similarpressurein hotspots worldwide.Among them have beenTomorrowlands inBelgium &Brazil,ASOTsinternationally,Creamfields, Ministry&SW4 in theUK&Ultra Europe, Untold Romania, Mysteryland & Luminosityin HollandandParookaville, Boothaus &Nature One in their native Germany. Their WMC/MMW Miami Sunset Cruises have long sincepassedintoclubbinglegendand the pairfamouslysold out a 2000 capacity solo showon the island ofHonolulu.Grammy nomination:the final month of 2018 Nic & Bossiwere nominated for their first Grammy award. Selected in the Best Remixer category, theirwork on Gabriel & Dresden andSub Teal's 'Only Road'from a year earlier drew nomination praise from the academy. The remix was further describedby DJ Mag as "masterful", with "alchemic sequencing", "shrewd use of context" and was "wily" in its "sound design"C.G. Productions& Albums:In their homeland, Cosmic Gatehasmaintaineda consistently highlevel of mainstreamsuccess, chartingno fewer than 7 top 40 singles. Further afield 'Fire Wire'signalledthe pair's arrival, becoming a pan-European chart smash and hitting the top ten in a number of countries. Albums have, and continue to play a substantialpart in their production career. Most recently that's been evidenced by'20 Years', which was released in August of 2019. Significantlysubtitled '[Forward Ever Backward Never'], it was conceivedas analbum thatinnovatively tooktheir body of workto new floors and audiences. Includingnew Cosmic Gate productions, it also incorporated2.0 renovations of CG anthems. Further it featuredreworks of tunes personally inspirational to CG, as well asnew takes fromother artistson classic Cosmicmoments. Its first single releases brought a brace of Beatport hits with the MINT-playlisted'Come With Me' and the "profound" (saidDJ Mag) "9/10"ranked 'NeedTo BeLoved' both hitting the#1 position.The album also gave rise to the20 Years live tour, which to date has reached 30 cities globally.Of the tour's LA stop, EDM.comsaid:"Los Angeles played host to one of their biggest shows on the tourwhere theyperformed at the legendaryHollywood Palladium. Their extended three-hour set included guest performances byJES,Eric
Lumiere, andEmma Hewitt, who have lent their vocals to some of the duo's biggest tracks".The Dallas Observer meanwhile hailed their Stereo Live, Houston show as a"cruise through two decades of varied, quality productions. '20 Years' was preceded by the two 'Chapters'of thelongplayer'Materia'-the release of which musically bookended the group's 2017. It was the album mothership foraclutch of new Cosmic Gate singlesand releases. Among them were'Fall Into You','Edge Of Life', 'Noom', the Beatport #1 'am2pm', 'AR','Dynamic' ("melody and grit in equal proportions"said DJ Mag's 8/10 review)and others.Following their 'Start To Feel' long-player (more infobelow), the releasescored a MIXMAG Album of the Month plaudit, representing -said the magazine-an "impressive", "roots-return" to their origin sound.Upon their release the'Materias'were met with comparable sales success,hitting iTunes'top 10sin 9 countries and reaching the #2spot in both theUnited States and Canada.The period 2015 -2016 saw Cosmic Gate continue to embrace the collaboration medium througha number of high-profiles co-production projects. Among them was 'Embargo', which wasthe resultof studio time shared with Armin van Buuren. The track was subsequently featured on the latter's2015 album, 'Embrace'. A year later Nic & Bossi teamed up with Ferry Corsten to record 'Event Horizon'. Garneringsubstantial praise from fans, DJs and press alike, it topped Beatport's Trance chart in October of 2016.Released in the summer of 2014, Cosmic Gate used their sixthalbum'Start To Feel' to inspirefans to experience electronic music in a "deeper, wider, more complete way".It's first single -the Eric Lumiere-sung'Falling Back' - was described as "9.5/10" scoring "anthem in a can" by the UK's DJ Mag. Further singles including 'So Get Up', Yai(Here We Go Again')and 'Fair Game'cemented its reputation. Upon release, the album hit theiTunes' top 10 in the US, Canada, Germany and Russia. A MIXMAG 9/10 rated release, 'Start To Feel'was hailed as "audio chemistry and production physics in their most quantum forms".It alsocatalysedthe Start To Feel bus tour, which famously saw Nic & Bossi perform 13 shows in just 16 days,coast-to-coast acrossNorth America, playing to over20,000 fans.In 2011 the duo released'Wake Your Mind'.Itproduced 'Be Your Sound' -a single thatMIXMAG suggested"finally unseats 'Fire Wire' as Cosmic Gate'sbest-known-for track". With its official video just off 16 million viewson YouTube, itbaggedanIDMA nominationin 2012, (with the JES-sung'Flying Blind' following suit a year later). Cosmic Gate's album movements began with'Rythm & Drums' (in 2001),'No More Sleep' which followed a year later and'Earth Mover' in '06. The latterwas the albumplatform for the club hits 'Analog Feel', 'Should Have Known' and the IDMA-nominated 'I Feel Wonderful'. 'Sign of the Times' arrived3 years later, bringing the vocal anthem 'Body of Conflict', a further IDMA-nod for'Not Enough Time'and spurred(a then near unheard of)43-place leapup DJ Mag's Top 100 chart. It alsoedged the pair towards a more open-plan electronic music style (later to fully manifest in 'Wake Your Mind' and 'Start To Feel').Cosmic Gate'sWake Your Mind marque was subsequently spun off into a number of other areas. WYM Radioisa comprehensively formatted show, whichfeaturesNic & Bossi discussingand airingtheir most highly ratedtracks of the week. It'll also encompassesfirst-listen music premieres and tunes from the deeper side of the CGpsyche. The show-which is broadcast on Sirius XM, DI.FM and many other stations -also features comprehensive info on up-and-coming gigs, Nic & Bossi's Big Bang track of the week and a host of other features, latterlyincluding the ThrowBack weekly classic and their Private Playlist tune. In January of 2019, the show passed its landmark 250th episode. Since 2013, Wake Your Mind Recordshas been the label base for all of Cosmic Gate's releases. It's also served as a daisfor Cosmic Gate to sign and release music fromotherartists. Of late,tracks from producers like Maor Levi Greenhaven DJs andSteve Brian, as well as NicChagall's own solo material have featured, alongside co-productions with Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Super8 & Tab and others. Latterly, the Wake Your Mind Sessions compilations havealso come to play a part intheWYM make-up, with the thirdin the series reaching releasein March of 2018.Other remixes:Overtheir production lifetime, Cosmic Gate'sremixeshavebecome almost as illustrious as their productions. In essence a blow-by-blow of A-listartists, Nic &Bossi have lent their studioknow-howto releases
byArmin van Buuren, Tiësto, Deadmau5, Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond's OceanLab project, Markus Schulz, John O'Callaghan, Gareth EmeryandFerry Corsten. In early 2010 Atlantic Records US approached them to remix James Horner's 'I See You' - the main theme from the film Avatar. This run culminated in Nic & Bossibeing nominated for Best Remixer at the 2010 IDMAs and not to forget their Grammy nominated remix for„Gabriel & Dresden -The Only Road"in 2019