Skills: Line Up

Kris Kaiden

Energy and persistence conquers all things. That has certainly been the case with Canada’s Kris Kaiden, a DJ and producer whose passion and determination have enabled him to rise from his local Toronto scene to forge his own space amongst the global landscape of electronic music.

Becoming immersed in Toronto’s electronic and diverse music scene in early 2014, Kris has grown exponentially as an artist over the subsequent years. Self-assured and full of drive from the very start, he applied a keen ear and thirst for self-development to those around him in order to grow and mature as both a DJ and producer. This hard work has spawned an artist who today, is both a standout DJ and highly adept producer. Whilst behind the decks in a club, Kris is a natural performer who utilizes encyclopaedic knowledge of music to strengthen an already innate connection with his dance floors and light up the atmosphere at places like the Ultra Resistance stage alongside Carl Cox in Dubai or opening for electronic legends like Tiesto. As a producer, he combines a remarkable ear for melody with an instinctive ability to infuse his music with energy, personality and attitude. With a smooth approach to the sound he delivers, the dance music advocate is in a league of his own, dominating one beat to the next.

The coming days are your cue to tune into the electric Kris Kaiden noise.