Skills: Line Up

Infected Mushroom

Electronic music mega-revolutionaries, Infected Mushroom, are renowned for being the sonic innovators of crafting hypnotic arrangements, complex layered melodies, and synthetic rhythms known as Psy Trance. Twice ranked amongst the world’s “10 Best DJ’s” by DJ Magazine (the bible of the EDM scene), and with over 14 million hits on YouTube and a #8 position on the Billboard charts, the Israel-bred duo broke into the scene with the release of their first album in 1999, and unconsciously changed trance music forever.

Responsible for the evolution of psychedelic trance, they have gone on to experience the highest level of success in the psy trance scene, crossing over to the electronic dance community, selling out venues, and headlining festivals worldwide.

Their newest album, as the name implies, is a journey back to the roots of their music, back to their ‘source’. It is filled with psychedelic atmosphere and wrapped with brilliant harmonies on a variety of tracks fit for the current global dance floors and always maintaining that distinct sound and unique production.

Adoring fans continue to congregate en masse for Infected Mushroom’s averaged 120 shows/year tour. Their jaw-dropping live performances never fail to impress with psychedelic visuals, their trademark enigmatic vocals, hypnotic arrangements, and psy-trippy synthetic rhythms.

Infected Mushroom continues to sell out shows around the globe and all walks of life gather in attendance for the same reason: to experience the world’s greatest Psy Trance band of the decade.