How To Start The Chase

This is it – the day has come. Are you ready to start Chasing Summer?


Plan your day – summertime in Alberta can be a gorgeous thing to experience, but we all know how quickly it can go from sunny to damp! So make sure to pack your knapsack accordingly for a day out at Max Bell Centre Festival Grounds! Have a look at our Rules and Guidelines and make sure you’ve got all the essentials sorted. It not only makes your Chase much more pleasant, but gets you through security in much less time! Also follow us on social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) for regular weather and event updates, and pay attention to any special messages from the stages.


Public transit is your best option to get to the Max Bell Centre Festival Grounds – take the C-Train to Barlow – Max Bell Blue Line Station. You can also take a trip on the shuttle bus from Marlborough Mall to the site (more info here)  – it runs every 10 minutes starting at 12 noon until 12 midnight – and remember to catch it back to the mall from the pick-up & drop off zone along Barlow Trail SE, where there are also taxis. We strongly advise against parking in the residential area, as doing so will be at your own risk of getting towed.


Be sure to stay hydrated through the entire day – we have free water stations throughout the site. Take regular breaks and rest your dancing feet, and please make sure to eat well – we have a large variety of food trucks on site that cater to a wide range of dietary desires, even vegan! Stay in touch with your friends, and make sure to have a designated meeting point in case you get separated. Most importantly, if you or someone you notice needs help, ask one of our event staff or security members for assistance immediately! We have fully trained professional medical staff on site to help you. No problem is too great or small – your well-being is our top priority! But please remember, Chasing Summer enforces a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal substances – there is no safe drug and no safe dosage.


Chasing Summer is about coming together to celebrate and share in a common positive experience. It is a safe space for all kinds of people to enjoy music and community. Be friendly, be open and be welcoming to everyone you meet this weekend, and take that attitude out into the world when you leave the site. Respect our neighbours who have welcomed us into their area and avoid causing any undue hindrance to their community. Have fun, enjoy the Chase….