Festival Information


What are the festival’s dates and hours?

Chasing Summer will be held on August 4-5, 2018

The gates will open each day at 1 pm. The event will run from 1 pm until 11 pm each day.

The box office + will call will be open on Friday August 3 from 11 am to 7 pm, Saturday August 4 from 11 am to 9:30 pm, and Sunday August 5 from 12 noon to 9:30 pm.

Where is Chasing Summer located?

Our festival site is on the grounds surrounding the Max Bell Centre, located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary is one of Canada’s most vibrant cities, known for its welcoming atmosphere. Although the site is situated near Memorial Drive, there is no parking at the site, nor is parking permitted in the nearby residential area. So please take advantage of the C-Train, which stops nearby at Barlow – Max Bell station, taxis or ride-sharing.

What are the set times?

You can view the 2018 set times here – be sure to download the new Chasing Summer mobile app for iOS and Android now to help plan out your weekend, receive instant updates and more!

Is there a map of the festival?

Yes there is! Have a look at the brand new 2018 site map!

What should I bring?

Being prepared will make your Chase much more enjoyable! 

  •  A medium sized unframed back pack or messenger bag
  • Rain gear (ie poncho or rain coat) – but please no umbrellas!
  • Your favourite hoodie or sweater
  • Comfortable shoes/sneakers
  •  Extra socks
  • Sunscreen (no aerosol cans, please)
  • A hat for shade
  • A bandana
  • Sunglasses
  • A clear plastic water bottle (up to 1L) to use at the free water stations (but no metal or glass containers, please) or Camelbak – either must be empty upon entry
  • One (1) factory sealed water bottle (no larger than 1L)
  •  A small blanket or towel
  • A flag or banner (no poles or totems, please)
  • Earplugs
  • Portable phone charger (nothing sucks more than a dead phone)
  • A point & shoot camera with non-detachable lens
  • Personal amount of commercially produced sealed food (such as chips, trail mix or snack bars)
  • Sealed package of cigarettes but please smoke in designated smoking areas only
  • No illegal or illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • No glass or metal containers of any kind (including refillable water bottles)
  • No outside beverages including alcohol
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No object that can be used as a projectile, such as fireworks and glowsticks,
  • No flammable or dangerous goods including aerosols
  • No opened over the counter medication or eye drops
  • No glow sticks (bracelets permitted)
  • No water guns, spray bottles or misting fans
  • No balloons
  • No large backpacks or duffle bags
  • No umbrellas, chairs, stools, large blankets, sleeping bags or tents
  • No coolers or chilly bins
  • No bicycles, skateboards, scooters or hoverboards
  • No animals except for service animals
  • No large chains, chained wallets or spiked jewellery
  • No laser pens or pointers
  • No musical instruments, noisemakers, megaphones or air horns
  • No professional cameras or audio/video recording equipment
  • No selfie sticks, camera or action camera poles
  • No flag poles, sticks, or totems
  • No long chains or spikes of any nature
  • No drones or other flying vehicles
  • No spray paint or permanent markers
  • No footballs, soccer balls or other sports equipment
  • No prams or strollers
  • No homemade food in re-sealable containers
  • No poi or fire dancing equipment
  • No items that in the opinion of management/security that could cause harm or public nuisance

All items are subject to change without notice.

Please note – we take no responsibility for items surrendered at the gates 

Will there be ATMs available?

Yes, indeed! If you need cash, ATMs can be found around the site in the vendor village and near bar areas.

What kind of food is available?

We’ve got an assortment of fine local food vendors ready to serve up delicious eats all weekend!

  • Ukrainian Fine Foods (no vegan)
  • Mardi Gras Grill (vegan items)
  • Sals Flatbread (Flatbreads/veggie pizza)
  • Happy Hero (Ukrainian)
  • Smashed Spuds/Hungry Hero
  • Taiko Taco (Pan Asian Tacos)

Will there be lockers available?

Absolutely! Store your stuff securely, and keep your cell phone powered up! Lockers allow you unlimited in-and-out access throughout the weekend, and each one features a universal cell phone charger. Pro tip: The lockers make a great meeting point for your group! Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for any items left in the locker at the end of each day. Book your locker NOW!

Is there a minimum age limit at Chasing Summer?

UPDATE JUNE 1, 2018: In consultation with our regulatory partners, Chasing Summer 2018 will once again be an 18+ event with a site wide alcohol license as it has been in past years. Chasing Summer will continue to work with local authorities to bring electronic dance music to fans of all ages in the future. Ticket purchasers under the age of 18 can receive a refund at their point of purchase until July 1st. For more information concerning refunds, please visit support.frontgatetickets.com

What is considered “Valid” Photo ID?

Due to AGLC regulations, all Chasing Summer attendees who wish to obtain a wristband for alochol service must show one of the following:

  • Alberta Operator’s Licence (Drivers License)
  • Alberta Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Armed Forces Identification Card
  • Out-of-Province Photo Driver’s Licence
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • School identification
  • Consular identification
  • Licenses issued in countries other than the U.S. or Canada
  • Expired identification of any kind
  • Birth certificates
  • Xerox copies of any identification.
  • Fishing licenses
  •  Health Cards
  •  Temporary Paper State/Province ID

Can I attend the event if I am under the age of 18 or do not have photo id?

In consultation with our regulatory partners, Chasing Summer 2018 will once again be an 18+ event with a site wide alcohol license as it has been in past years.  As a result, all patrons entering the festival must have valid, up-to-date government issued photo identification, specified above.

My ID was lost/stolen. What can i use to prove that I am at least 18 years old?

If you have a passport, security will accept all government issued passports. Expired documentation will not be acceptable.

What do I do if my ID expired and I do not think I will receive a new one in time?

Please find alternative photo identification as listed above.

Can I use a consular ID or foreign government issued driver’s license?

Security will not accept consular identification or a foreign government issued drivers license (except for US drivers’ licenses or identification cards that are not expired, which may be used to grant entry into the festival). They will accept any foreign government issued passport provided it has a photo, name and date of birth on it. A passport can be acquired by scheduling an appointment with your local consulate office.

Can I drive my car to Chasing Summer and park it?

There is no parking at the festival site, and parking is restricted in the nearby residential area. We encourage Chasers to take the C-Train to the nearby Barlow-Max Bell station, or grab a lift with a taxi or ride-share. If you need to drive, we suggest parking your vehicles at a nearby C-Train station like Zoo, and riding over! And most importantly, do not drink and drive!

Can I leave Chasing Summer and come back?

Unfortunately, for the safety of our Chasers, there is no re-entry to the event once you enter each day of the festival. Once you leave the grounds, you cannot re-enter until the following day.

Lost & Found

Lose something at the festival? Check with the lost & found coordinator at the site box office on the following day to see if your item has been returned, or email festivalslostandfound@gmail.com. If you have found something, please take it over to the Security office (located on the west side of the Max Bell Centre, by the outdoor porta-potties). Please be aware that we do not take responsibility for any items lost at the festival.

Is there a mobile app?

Yes there is! You can download it for free right now from the Apple App Store and Google Play, available for iOS and Android. The app is your go-to source for festival information, including set times, text alerts and more! Best of all, it’s free


We make every effort to create a safe and secure environment for everyone at Chasing Summer. We work year-round with local law enforcement, security and health authorities to ensure we provide the safest experience possible. Our layered security plans include both concealed and visible measures not limited to extensive patron search techniques at the entrance.

On-site security, police and emergency medical staff are available through the entire weekend. If you need any assistance, head to the Medical Office or go up to any Chasing Summer team member. 

We ask that all Chasers be mindful of each other and their surroundings. If you see something, say something – if anything feels suspicious or out of place, we ask that you please notify the nearest staff member or security official.


Lots of things can happen when you’re outside at a festival – bee stings, foot sprains, bumped heads, scraped knees. That’s why we have a medical emergency centre inside the Max Bell Centre, staffed with nurses and physicians to help those in need. We also have roaming medical staff on the grounds, on duty throughout the weekend. Our event staff are also able to contact our medical team in an emergency. If you need any help, under any circumstances, do not hesitate to ask for it!


You can find our safety (aka security) staff roaming the grounds and positioned at each stage and gateway throughout the grounds. Our safety staff is trained to help make sure every Chaser has a good time and stays safe.

All Chasers will be searched upon entry to the site (which you should definitely keep in mind when deciding what to bring).


All of our vendors are licensed and approved by government health authorities. We work hard to ensure that our vendors are good and safe, as well as ensure there is a great variety of delicious options to suit most any dietary need.

We also offer free water stations at key locations on site. Make sure to keep your water bottle full all weekend, because Chasing works up a thirst and hydration is vital to your good health!


If you have to bring medication, please make sure to bring a valid photo ID that matches the name printed on your prescription. If you need to refrigerate any medication, including insulin, please stop by our medical centre and someone will assist you.


  • Water equals life. We have free water readily available throughout the grounds to replenish your body and keep you hydrated all day long.
  • On the dance floor, we’re all best friends. Keep an eye out for our volunteer rovers, medics, security staff, and Calgary Police, who’ll lend a hand if needed.
  • Our staff, security and medics never judge, so talk to them if you need help or see someone who does.
  • Those that get into drug or alcohol trouble at events are often with friends who don’t know what to do. The law protects you, so get help at the first sign of trouble.
  • Take care of each other. If you see someone who could use help, don’t just walk by. Stop and talk.
  • Let’s act responsibly. We are a community and we need to set our own boundaries.
  • Burning calories requires energy. Make sure you take time to rest and eat!
  • Vendors will be available if you get hungry throughout the day.
  • It’s best to plan ahead so you have a safe and easy ride ready at the end of the night. Public transit via the nearby C-Train is available, and taxis / rideshare will be available along Barlow Trail SW.
  • We care about you when you’re gone. Our culture is all about celebrating life. Keep the vibes positive and we’ll see you next time!


  • Chasing Summer has a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal substances. There will be extra security at the door and security staff inside the site to ensure that Chasing Summer remains a safe and healthy environment
  • Good harm reduction means we offer everyone help who needs it.
  • Simply put, there is no safe drug, and no safe dosage. There are so many variables – the drug content, your body chemistry, how much water you drink, how long you dance without a break – that the best way we ensure everyone goes home safe is to say: no drugs allowed.
  • For our music and community to grow and continue, we need people to take care of each other. We want to create memories to last your entire life. Our most important goal is keeping our community positive for everyone.

For more information about Health & Safety, please look HERE.


Do I get a wristband with my ticket?

This year, you will now have the choice to have your wristband sent to you in advance of the festival, allowing you to avoid having to redeem your ticket for a wristband at the event. Wristbands will be mailed out to ticket holders starting July 3rd. The cut off for standard mail delivery is July 22nd. The cut off for expedited shipping is July 29. If you purchase your ticket after July 29th, or chose will call, you will have to pick up your wristband at the festival box office during the festival, or at a designated early pickup location to be announced prior to the event.

What are the shipping options?

Standard Mail – Tickets will be mailed starting approximately 1 month prior to the show. The last day for orders to qualify for this option is July 22. Please have your tickets shipped to an address where you will be able to receive them in July. If you do not receive your tickets within 1 week of the event please visit http://support.frontgatetickets.com. If your wristbands are cancelled due to non-delivery, and replaced, the original wristbands will no longer be valid nor will they scan successfully at the festival.

Courier – Tickets will be sent via Expedited Parcel starting approximately 1 month prior to the show. The last day for orders to qualify for this option is July 29. Please have your tickets shipped to an address where you will be able to receive them in July. This option will require a signature. If you do not receive your tickets within 1 week of the event please visit http://support.frontgatetickets.com

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes! On the check out page, you will have the option to purchase your full order at that time, or you can purchase using a “layaway plan” for a non-refundable nominal fee. Purchaser must agree to the Layaway Plan Terms & Conditions. The last day to purchase a ticket using the payment plan is May 31. 

The earlier you buy, the better your payment terms! Get your tickets before April 1, and you can get them with four easy payments!

For purchases made before April 1:

DEPOSIT (25%)  – with initial purchase
FIRST PAYMENT (25%) – on May 1
SECOND PAYMENT (25%) on June 1
FINAL PAYMENT (25%) on July 1

For purchases made after April 1:

DEPOSIT (34%) – at purchase
FIRST PAYMENT (33%) on June 1
FINAL PAYMENT (33%) on July 1

What is a Ticket “Tier” (ex. Tier 2, Tier 3)?

Tiers can be more accurately called ticket “pricing” tiers. Ticket pricing tiers are our way of rewarding Chasers who purchase their tickets early. All tiers of the same ticket type are the exact same ticket. Early bird tickets are the best price, but when they’re sold out, we move to the next price level, Tier 2. And when they sell out, we roll into selling Tier 3. When Tier 3 sells out, we roll into selling Tier 4, etc.

Can I purchase tickets over the phone?

Yes, please contact our ticket provider, Front Gate Tickets or call 512-674-9300.

Can I get single day tickets?

Yes, single day tickets will be available for purchase starting Friday June 15 at 10 am, while they last. You can buy them on our ticketing page here.

What if I bought tickets from a third party?

Only tickets purchased through the Chasing Summer website or Front Gate Tickets are guaranteed to be authentic. We do not want any of our Chasers to be scammed. Please be aware:

  •  We are not responsible for any counterfeit tickets or wristbands.
  • For your own protection, please do not purchase tickets from any source other than chasingsummerfestival.com or Front Gate Tickets. Fake tickets and wristbands may look like the real thing but they will be identified by our staff at the front gates.
  • Those in possession of fake tickets or wristbands – or ones reported lost or stolen – will not be admitted to the festival.
  • In addition, wristbands are not transferrable; any wristbands visibly damaged by tampering will be considered invalid.
Fake Tickets and Wristbands

Chasing Summer wants to stop ticket abuses and we need your help.

Counterfeit ticketing hurts everyone. It leads to higher ticket prices to cover losses, leaves fans stranded when bogus tickets are discovered, and causes delays at entrances as tickets must be closely inspected to uncover counterfeits. Persons selling counterfeit tickets are committing a crime and be subject to persecution, fines and jail time.

We are aware of many instances of counterfeit ticketing and are working hard to keep abuses from happening. But we also know there are even more out there and that new schemes are being devised daily. You can help us stop ticket fraud and protect your concert experience. If you would like to report an experience with ticket fraud, please contact Front Gate Tickets Support HERE. Meanwhile, remember to purchase your tickets from a trusted source and be sure you have detailed documentation of your purchase when you arrive at the concert venue.

Lost or stolen ticket

If your ticket is lost or stolen, please contact our ticket provider Front Gate Tickets or call 512-674-9300 in advance of the festival for assistance.


Can I update or check on my order information?

Yes! Once you have placed an order through Front Gate Tickets, visit chasingsummer.frontgatetickets.com and click “Sign In” at the top of the page. Once signed in, you can review or adjust information like your shipping address.

I didn’t receive a confirmation of my purchase, what do I do?

Your ticket confirmation email will come directly to the email used to purchase the ticket. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder, please contact Front Gate Tickets or call 512-674-9300. 

When do I get my wristband?

If you choose to have your wristband shipped, you will receive it in advance of the festival, allowing you to avoid having to redeem your ticket for a wristband at the festival. Wristbands will be mailed out to ticket holders starting July 3rd. The cut off for standard mail delivery is July 22nd. The cut off for expedited shipping is July 29. If you purchase your ticket after July 29th, you will have to pick up your wristband at the festival box office starting Friday August 3 from 11 am until 7 am (full box office schedule below).

Is there a will call/box office? Can someone else pick up my tickets for me?

There will be a will call/box office at the festival site. Hours are:
FRIDAY AUGUST 3: 11 am until 7 pm
SATURDAY AUGUST 4: 11 am until 9:30 pm
SUNDAY AUGUST 5: 12 noon until 9:30 pm

Tickets/wrist may only be picked up by the original buyer with valid photo ID. If you wish to arrange to have someone else pick up the tickets, please contact Front Gate Tickets here.

Questions about an order already placed

Your ticket confirmation email will come directly to the email used to purchase the ticket. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. If it’s not in your spam folder, please contact Front Gate Tickets or call 512-674-9300

I bought a ticket and I cannot go anymore, can I give it to my friend?

You must pick up the ticket / wristbands from will call, or have made arrangements with Front Gate Tickets (as above). However, once you have your wristband, and it has not yet been worn, you are free to pass it along. However, if you already have a physical ticket (such as a Print-At-Home), you can give that to another person to pick up wristbands at will call.

I have my wristband, but cannot go anymore, can I give it to a friend?

Only if you have not yet put the wristband on. Once you have put on your wristband, it is yours only to wear for the duration of the event. The wristbands are designed to prevent misuse or theft, and should not be removed. Wristbands that appear to be tampered will be confiscated at the gates. See below for more info about wristbands.

I’ve damaged my wristband – can I get it replaced?

As long as you haven’t had the band scanned at the gates, you still have a chance to get your wristband replaced. See below

What if I have more questions about tickets and wristbands?

Questions about your order should be made with Front Gate Customer Support – contact them here



We recommend using public transit for all Chasers. The Calgary C-Train is fast and convenient, and stops at the Barlow-Max Bell station just north of the site Many C-Train stations offer parking. For further info, please visit the Calgary Transit website here.


Alternately, you can use a taxi or ride share service. There is a designated drop off and pick up zone along Barlow Trail SE on the south side of the site.


Of course, you can ride your bike to the festival site. You will be able to lock it up at the designated racks – but please remember we cannot take responsibility for it, so be sure to use a secure lock! 


There is no parking allowed on the festival site at Max Bell Center Festival Grounds, and parking in the surrounding residential area is strongly discouraged, and may result in your vehicle being towed.


Everyone entering the festival will be searched, without exception. Please review the permitted items and ID requirements listed above to ensure no unnecessary delays. If possible, plan to come early to avoid long lines at peak time – we want you dancing to your favourite DJ, not waiting to get in!

Official Policy

Each ticket buyer to Chasing Summer will be given a wristband. You must wear your wristband for the entirety of the festival, and cannot be given to anyone else. Any attempt to tamper or remove the wristband will make it invalid for entry. 

What’s so special about my wristband?

Your wristband is your key to enter Chasing Summer. There is a security feature embedded on it that will be scanned for entry through the main gates, and entry into other parts of the site, such as VIP. Do not attempt to tamper with your wristband once you’ve put it on. Wristbands that have been scanned at the gates and then tampered with – such as an attempt to remove it and give it to someone else for entry the next day – will be deemed void and not replaced.

I put my wristband on early, and it’s too tight or got damage. Can I get a new one?

We understand, people get excited and want to wear their wristband right away. Just make sure to follow our guide above about putting on a wristband. But as long as your wristband hasn’t already been scanned at the gates, you could get a replacement at the box office for a fee of $25.00. You must provide proof of purchase and ID, as well as the original wristband.  If your wristband has already been scanned at the festival, it cannot be replaced and you will need to purchase a new wristband, if still available.  


Booking a hotel

We have teamed up with a number of Calgary’s finest hotels to offer Chasers exclusive rates on accommodations, so reserve your room now before they’re gone. Click HERE to find out what packages are available.



In addition to the extensive schedule of entertainment and activities at Chasing Summer, there will be a variety of unique and interesting goods and services throughout the site. Each year, we are dedicated to selecting quality craft, merchandise and food vendors. The unauthorized sale of food and goods at the festival is not permitted.

For more information on how to apply to be a vendor at Chasing Summer, please fill out this form for more information!

PLEASE NOTE: The final deadline to submit a bid in the Food Vendor auction is May 15th. Please do not delay in contacting us for your bid package!

How do I become a Partner or Sponsor?

Please contact sponsor@chasingsummerfestival.com with inquiries.


If you’re looking for an exciting and unique experience at Chasing Summer, why not join our team of volunteers, who help in various roles behind the scenes. Plenty of perks, too! Apply here!

Media & Press

For all media and press related questions and inquires, please contact media@chasingsummerfestival.com


Chasing Summer is happy to help – the festival site is accessible for Chasers with limited mobility or disability. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@chasingsummerfestival.com.


Contact us at info@chasingsummerfestival.com for any questions not answered here, and we’ll help you out. Please be patient – we receive many emails and will answer them in the order received.